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How does DTH drilling rig work

Jun. 20, 24

DTH Drilling Technology Introduction

A down-the-hole drill, usually called DTH Drilling Rig, is basically a hammer bit screwed on the bottom of a drill string. The speedy hammer activity breaks hard stone into little flakes and dust and can be dismissed evident by the air exhaust in the DTH hammer. Considering that the DTH method was initially designed to drill large-diameter holes in surface-drilling software, its title originated in the fact that the percussion mechanism adopted down the bit to the gap. Programs were afterward discovered for the DTH process underground.

How does  DTH drilling rig work

The main advantages of DTH Rock Blasting Drilling Rig

1.The Rugged track was driven by hydraulic motor with high traveling ability.

 2.The feed and rotary head were driven by hydraulic motor, therefore, the air and oil consumption and total drilling cost are lower.

3.The hydraulic feed and rotary head put out the biggest feeding force and largest rotary torque, which makes it more suitable for operation in complex worksites.

4.The Hydraulic track oscillation makes it more suitable to drill in any rough terrain.

5.The carriage with rollers provides for minimal wear to the drill guide.

6.The Hydraulic auxiliary functions are easy and efficient for guide extension, boom swing, boom lift, guide tilt and guide dump.

7.The diesel engine and main hydraulic parts adopt imported products or famous domestic brand. 

8.The special compensation device makes a full protection of drill rod threads.

How does  DTH drilling rig work

The DTH Rock Blasting Drilling Rig: Application and scope of usage

DTH rock blasting drilling machine is the ultimate combination of performance and economy. DTH system delivers the highest-possible drilling performance at low running cost. DTH used in variety heavy industry. It is used to drill blasting holes like small to medium mining projects, national defense projects, irrigation projects, road construction and etc. And it is also the indispensable drilling equipment open-air mine drilling for open pit mining in early stage, especially suitable for rugged terrain where other drilling rig can’t operate normally. Our DTH rock blasting drill is ideal equipment for you.

How does  DTH drilling rig work

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