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Water Well Drilling Rig

JCDRILL provides robust and safe water well drilling rigs

JCDRILL has its own factory in Xuanhua City, Hebei Province, which can meet the individual needs of customers. We provide professional drilling solutions for our customers and contribute to the protection of the world's water resources.

Water well drilling rig is a kind of machinery and equipment for drilling water wells and completing the operation of lowering the well pipe and washing the well. It includes power equipment and drill bit, drill pipe, core pipe, drill frame, etc.

Features and advantages of water well drilling rig

1. Head feeding system with adjustable rollers, rotating head side shift and increased pull back

2. Improved ease of use through durable mechanical controls and secure wiring of hydraulic hoses

3. Increased throughput with dual winches and rod loaders with auxiliary side control or rod turntables with pull-back capability

4. Increased production from drilling larger wells with smaller rigs that can be easily maneuvered at the job site.

We have drilling rigs of different depths, such as 200m depth drilling rig, 1000m water well drilling rig, 600m crawler water well drilling rig, etc., to meet the needs of different users as much as possible. One of our crawler water well drilling rigs can be easily operated in the field and retains the option of continuous sampling to characterize the subsurface, thus improving water well design and construction and minimizing water well development time and cleanup costs. We also offer different types of drilling rigs, such as DTH submersible hammers, trailer mounted water well rigs, reverse circulation drilling rigs and more.

Don't have the features you need? Please contact us. One machine never ends service is our value.

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