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Underground Drilling Rig

  • UMD150 Underground DTH Drilling Rig

    UMD150 Underground DTH Drilling Rig

    Drilling DiameterΦ80~φ254 mm

    Drilling depth: 0-60m

    Type:DTH Drilling,Hydraulic,Engine driven,Crawler

    >> Introduction

    UMD150 High air pressure ring DTH drilling rig is suitable for ring hole drilling in underground mining. It is a special drilling rig for high sublevel mining production.
  • URD150 Underground Drilling Rig

    URD150 Underground Drilling Rig

    Drilling Diameter:90-152mm

    Drilling depth:40m

    Type:DTH Drilling,Hydraulic,Engine driven,Crawler

    >> Introduction

    JC860 hydraulic DTH rock blasting drilling rig is a multi-functional drill rig driven by internal combustion engine, the drilling power was provided by hydraulic system except for impacting and the hole cleaning wind. It is convenient and efficient to operate. This drill is the best replacement for traditional pneumatic drills in most operation.

  • JCT45-2 Underground DTH Drilling Rig

    JCT45-2 Underground DTH Drilling Rig

    Drill Steel Length:3700 4305mm

    Hole Depth:3365 3975mm

    Type:DTH Drilling,Hydraulic,Engine driven,Crawler

    >> Introduction

     JCT45/2 hydraulic tunneling drilling rigis suitably qualified for the drilling of tunnekwhose section falls in the range of 45square meters,capable of drilling the blasthole and rock bolting in a vertical, inclinedand horizontal way.
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