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DTH Drilling Tools

  • Tungsten Carbide Forging DTH Drill Bit

    Tungsten Carbide Forging DTH Drill Bit

    DTH (Down to Hole) drill bit, also called spline connected drill bit, is mainly used in large scale mine (open and underground), open quarry and construction. The hammer is situated down the hole in direct connected with the drill bit with splines in the bit. The hammer piston strikes the drill bit resulting in an efficient transmission of the impact energy and insignificant power losses with the hole depth.

    Our hammer and bits are made of high quality alloy steel with advanced heat treatment to assure the good drilling performance and long service life. They are widely used by our customers all over the world.
    All the products are manufactured as per the international standard and well compatible with the brand of Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-Rand, etc

    • Underground mining
    • Tunneling
    • Quarry benching operations

  • DTH Hammer DTH Drilling Tools for Hard Rock

    DTH Hammer DTH Drilling Tools for Hard Rock

    DTH drilling is a percussion system driving a piston inside hammer body with up and down motion by compressed air and transmitting an intensive percussion energy to the bit to enable the drilling by crushing the rock. Drilling method by DTH hammer exerts high drilling performance especially for drilling hard rock and contributes for shortening work schedule. Hence, this method is widely utilized for foundation work, landslide prevention work, quarrying services, marine civil work, etc.

  • Sub Adaptors of Hole Drilling Tools

    Sub Adaptors of Hole Drilling Tools

    A Sub Adapter, a special short length of pipe with a drill pipe connection on the top and a drill collar connection on the bottom, is added before a drill pipe can be screwed onto the drill collars.

    Cross over subs act as an intermediary between two dissimilar threads and are used to connect the two. There are some other uses for cross over subs as well. A crossover sub can be used to protect other tooling in your drill string. Since the cross over sub is the least expensive item in the drill string it can be designed to wear before any other drilling component does. In this application a Cross over sub is often called a SAVER SUB. The Saver Sub is used to connect the entry side swivel to the first piece of pipe and is attached to every pipe, going in and coming out. This position in the string is subject to much wear, so saver sub was designed to be an inexpensive, easily replaceable part. As such, it is used to protect the threads on the actual pipe and allows for a quick and onsite replacement. Using saver sub offers great advantages, as it is cheaper to change a saver sub often, than to buy new pipe once.

    A cross over sub can also be used just above the bit or in a reverse circulation application to deliver outgoing air to the bit face. In these applications a cross over sub is usually called a BIT SUB.

    All of our cross over subs can have wrench flats milled into them to allow for better assembly and disassembly.

  • Eccentric Drilling Tools

    Eccentric Drilling Tools

    The eccentric reamer drill is an overburden drilling system designed for conditions where a cased hole is required. Collapsing holes tend to make overburden drilling expensive, with lost drilling equipment and down time.
    The eccentric designed bit rotates outward and drills a larger diameter hole than the casing, avoiding cave-ins, wash-outs, and other problems common in normal drilling operations in soft and gravel-type strata or loose rock. Since 90% of the world's overburden drilling is in loose strata, potential utilization is enormous.
    After reaching the designated depth, the reamer-bit is retracted by reversing the direction of the rotation and by applying tension on the reamer-bit, which has a taper and will retract into the casing for easy removal of the entire drill-string. This leaves the casing in place for other applications or for removal at a later date. The method is designed for use with flush joint threaded pipe or welded-type casing and provides a bit size for a wide variety of different casing wall thicknesses.

  • Concentric Drilling Tools
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