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DTH Hammer DTH Drilling Tools for Hard Rock

Size Range2 to 24 inch


>> Application

DTH drilling is a percussion system driving a piston inside hammer body with up and down motion by compressed air and transmitting an intensive percussion energy to the bit to enable the drilling by crushing the rock. Drilling method by DTH hammer exerts high drilling performance especially for drilling hard rock and contributes for shortening work schedule. Hence, this method is widely utilized for foundation work, landslide prevention work, quarrying services, marine civil work, etc.



>> Characteristics

In DTH drilling, the rock drilling bit is a continuation of the shank, which the rock drill piston strikes directly. Since the piston is in direct contact with the drill bit, little energy is lost. This gives DTH drilling a nearly constant penetration rate regardless of hole length.

DTH bits are paired with their corresponding hammers (by drilling hole diameter and spline configuration). Customers can customize their DTH bits in various ways, such as changing the tungsten carbide insert profile (spherical, ballistic, etc.), face profile (flat face, concave, convex, etc.), and flushing holes.

• Medium to large size drilling diameters

• Works in high pressure range, capable of drilling deep hole length.

>> Specification

TypeSizeModelOuter Diameter
High pressure DTH Hammer3 inchJD25A71mm
3.5 inchJD35A/M3082mm
4 inchJD45A/QL40A/M40/SD499mm
5 inchJD55A/QL50A/M50/SD5125mm
6 inchJD65A/QL60A/M60/SD6142mm
8 inchJD85A/QL80A/M80/SD8180mm
10 inchHD100A/SD10225mm
12 inchJD125A/SD12275mm
14 inchJD140A-
Middel Pressure DTH Hammer2.5 inchBR156mm
3 inchBR264mm
3.5 inchBR382mm
Lower Pressure DTH Hammer3 inchCIR6568mm
3.5 inchCIR7076mm
4 inchCIR9099mm
5 inchCIR110110mm
6 inchCIR150150mm
8 inchCIR170170mm
Back Hammer6 inchBH140155mm
8 inchBH170190mm
10 inchBH190220mm
12 inchBH240190mm
All can be designed according to your requests!

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DTH Hammer DTH Drilling Tools for Hard Rock

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