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Drilling Tools

  • Eccentric Drilling Tools

    Eccentric Drilling Tools

    The eccentric reamer drill is an overburden drilling system designed for conditions where a cased hole is required. Collapsing holes tend to make overburden drilling expensive, with lost drilling equipment and down time.
    The eccentric designed bit rotates outward and drills a larger diameter hole than the casing, avoiding cave-ins, wash-outs, and other problems common in normal drilling operations in soft and gravel-type strata or loose rock. Since 90% of the world's overburden drilling is in loose strata, potential utilization is enormous.
    After reaching the designated depth, the reamer-bit is retracted by reversing the direction of the rotation and by applying tension on the reamer-bit, which has a taper and will retract into the casing for easy removal of the entire drill-string. This leaves the casing in place for other applications or for removal at a later date. The method is designed for use with flush joint threaded pipe or welded-type casing and provides a bit size for a wide variety of different casing wall thicknesses.

  • Concentric Drilling Tools
  • Diamond Circle Wrench For Tighten Or Loose Tubes

    Diamond Circle Wrench For Tighten Or Loose Tubes

    The diamond circle wrench has well-proportioned diamond distribution. And the diamond is wearable and hard to fall off. The circle wrench won't slide when using. Therefore, it can’t damage tubes and drill tools have a long service time. We also offer many specifications and size according to clients' needs.
    Manufactured with advanced technique, diamond circle wrenches can avoid damage to rads and bit. they are especially fit to screw up and off wire-line coring rods.
    On diamond circle wrench, the diamond distribution is well-proportioned, and the diamond is wearable and hard to fall off.When using, the circle wrench won't slide, and it can avoid damage to tubes, therefore can prolong drill tools' life. 
    The diamond distribution is well-proportioned on diamond circle wrench, and the diamond is wearable and hard to fall off. The circle wrench won't slided when using, and it can avoid damage to tubes.We can also produce according to customer's requirements.

  • Foot Clamp Dead Weight Clamp And Jaws For Drilling

    Foot Clamp Dead Weight Clamp And Jaws For Drilling

    Foot Clamp is used to prevent drill rods slipping down the borehole when lowering or extracting.

    The foot clamp, also called rod holder or rod clamp, is able to clamp every position of drill rods,

    and it is especially suitable for core drill rigs, and drill rods used in the geological exploration of soft soil engineering.

    We have two kinds of rod holder: foot clamp and deadweight (weight) clamp.

    We offer foot clamps in different specifications, like BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, S56, S59, S75 and S95.

  • Diamond Core Drilling Tools Water Swivel

    Diamond Core Drilling Tools Water Swivel

    This water swivel is mostly applied in the geological exploration, and it is made up of high-pressure sealing ring, core tubes and spindle. The universal water swivel is a long-wearing wash tube transmitting coolant (mostly water or drilling mud) to the inner diamond core bits.
    In addition, we offer a complete line of replacement parts for quick and easy field repairs, and subs to adapt to all DCDMA sized rods and casing

  • Diamond Double Tube Wireline Core Barrel System

    Diamond Double Tube Wireline Core Barrel System

    Reline Core Barrel used in loose, broken stratigraphic or coal extraction and protect rock (mine) heart of drilling tools.

    Double core tube and tube has outer pipe, rinses through joint between the internal and external tube water flow to the bottom of the hole, protecting cores from rinses washouts. Double core tube has double motion and single movement two kinds. Double motion and core tube is internal and external core tube following bit and drill stem rotation, it in no serious loose or broken strata.

    Single movement double core tube internal and external tube has bearing isolation, pipe outer pipe driven only pick up bit rotation, and broken rock tube does not rotate, avoid to core friction, vibration, etc., with mechanical damage, so it in serious loose fractured formations.these, can be well protected cores.

    Use double deck core tube take core, bits need to use wall thickness of the alloy drill or diamond bits.

    Due to the rock drill contact surface area increased and the lip use double deck core tube than ordinary core tube drilling efficiency to reduce. In the ledge, coal, in order to guarantee rock (mineral) heart take rate, rules must be use double deck core tube coring. More complex double core tube, except to finish single movement, in addition, aluminum, steel tube placed plastic or qualitative buckled half close tube, have a better protection of the core role.


    Double core tube card broken cores and seal block within the next port, the core tube by the drill is placed in the core card fault device (fern, card spring, claw reed, etc.) to finish.

  • Wireline WL threads Core Drilling Rod

    Wireline WL threads Core Drilling Rod

    This wireline drill rod is the equipment that connects the drilling tools and drilling bits, and it is mainly used to transmit power. It mainly consists of a tubing body and two thread ends.

    The wireline drill rod features good wear resistance, optimal tensile strength capacity and good torsional property.

    Concerning the packing, it is packaged by iron belts.

  • Diamond Drilling Bits

    Diamond Drilling Bits

    The impregnated diamond bits are manufactured using high quality raw materials for optimum drilling performance. These impregnated bits present a metallic layer impregnated of diamonds on its cutting face. These impregnated bits are made by mixing fine diamonds with a metallic powder called matrix. The mixture is then subjected to heat treatment assuring the metallurgical bond of the matrix on the steel blank. To maintain optimal performance during entire bit life, it is important that matrix wear is synchronized with the diamond wear to ensure exposure of new diamonds with sharp edges.

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