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KSZJ-18/17 Kaishan Air Compressor



Air end: the patented design of rotor profile with large-diameter, air end and diesel is directly connected through high-elastic coupling, without increasing gear, air end speed is consistent with the diesel engine, higher efficiency, better reliability and longer life.

Diesel Engine: selection of domestic and international famous brands such as Cummins, Yuchai diesel engine, in line with the country Ⅱ emission requirements, the powerful, low fuel consumption.

The air control system: is simple and reliable, automatic adjustment of the feed rate from 0 to 100%, depending on the size of the air consumption by automatically adjusting the engine throttle to maximize savings fuel. Microcomputer intelligent control air compressor working pressure, outlet air temperature, the engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel tank level operating parameters with automatic alarm and shutdown protection.Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dusty work environment; multi-stage fuel filter, large oil- water cooler, suitable for high temperature, high altitude environment.

Larger doors maintenance: parts and components to be maintained within the accessible range, the maintenance of air filters, oil filters, fuel tanks, batteries and oil coolers are convenient and easily, reducing downtime.

Easy to move in rough terrain conditions: Each compressor has ring for safe hoisting, transportation.


1. Low operating sound and less vibration design.Easy serviceability.

2. Low fuel consumption to realize far distance outdoor usage;Full protection system,energy saving.

3. High efficient Airend:

Large diameter rotor, airend connect with diesel engine through coupling and no reduction gear inside, more reliability, the rotate speed is same with the diesel engine's, more longer lifespan.

4. Diesel Engine of Famous Brand:

Select the diesel engine of CUMMINS and YUCHAI brand, satisfy the emission

requirement of Europe, low oil consumption, after sale service system all over China.

5. Good adaptability:

The Air Compressor automatically control the air delivery of diesel engine by matching the demand of air consumption, which equals to frequency conversion control in motor power screw air compressor.


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KSZJ-18/17 Kaishan Air Compressor

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