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BW160 Mud Pump with Good Price

BW-160 Mud Pumps is equipped with drilling rigs to drill holes with mud. During drilling mud pump pumps slurry to the hole to provide coat to the wall, to lubricate the drilling tools and to carry the rock debris up to the ground. It is applied to geological core drilling and prospecting drilling with depth less than 1000 meter.

BW-160 mud pump is a horizontal, triplex, single acting reciprocation piston pump. It is function is to supply the drilling hole with flushing liquor in order to carry bit. It is used matching drill rigs. It is applied to geological and engineering prospecting such as the railway, the water conservancy, the met-allurgy, the build and the geology etc industry whose hole deep is within 1000m. Also it can be used to deliver water to high mountains or in the execution domain of middle and low pressure grouting and non excavating matching. This pump ha advantages such as small cubage, light mass, long life, simple operation and reliable per-formance, etc




1. Projects: Construction drilling of the projects e.g. prospection, geotechnical investigation(geological exploring), railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction;

2. Exploration: Coal mining exploration, Ore exploration;

3. Water well: Small hole diameter water well drilling;

4. Pipe-installing: Geothermal pipe-installing for heat pump;

5. Foundation piling: Small-diameter hole foundation piling drilling.


Horizontal, three-cylinder single-acting, reciprocal piston pump, used to supply flushing fluid to the drilling well in engine

Model numberBW-160/10
Typehorizontal, triplex. single acting reciprocation piston pump
Dia. of piston(mm)70
Pump speed(min)200 132 83 55
Output volume(1/min)160 107 67 44
Pressure(Mpa)2.5 4 6.5 10
Volumetric efficiency(%)95
Overall efficiency(%)75
Input hose diameter(mm)51
Output hose diameter(mm)25
Power of dynamic force(Kw)11 13.24
Rotate speed of dynamics force(r/min)1460 2200
Overall size(length*width*height)1450*745*970

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