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TD300 Tractor Boring Machine for Drilling Water Well

Drill Depth: 300m

Drilling Diameter: 90 to 320mm

Drilling Method: Air Drilling & Mud Drilling 

>> Introduction 

TD300 uses the tractor diesel engine as the working power of the rig.



The rig uses the tractor diesel engine as the working power of the rig. The rig working part is integrated with the tractor. The tractor is the rig, the transportation machine, and the working power of the rig. When going to the work site, the tractor has the transportation transfer capability. The air compressor can be mounted, which saves the investment of the transportation vehicle, lowers the cost and makes the work more convenient. It is also equipped with a tricycle to load the drill pipe. Because the fuselage is small and flexible, the tractor is more suitable for driving and operating in various road conditions and occasions in the wild, villages, etc. Rural hutongs and farmyards can enter the well.

>> Characteristics

In particular, it can drilling on hard rock layer and it can work efficiently under various geological structures. It is the most popular machine meeting most requirements for a combination drilling machine able to complete rural water supply holes in sediments and hard rock. Weighing about 2750kg that allows it to be pulled by a pick-up it is packed with features.

The machine is compact in structure and convenient to carry. The whole machine adopts full hydraulic drive and has low failure rate.The tower assembly has a hydraulic compensation mechanism.When the tower is grounded during construction, the bearing capacity is greater and the stability is higher.

>> Specification

GeneralGeology drilledF=6-14
Drill depth0-300 m
Drilling Diameter90 - 320mm
Drill system and operationHydraulic
Rig assembly1 complete unit, Tractor driven
Mobility4 wheel tractor
Drill pipe (diameter x length)76/89*3000mm
Mud pump(Optional)BW250/BW450
Foam pumpOptional
Weight4750 kg
Rotation & Feed SystemPull-up capacity12500 kgs
Pull-down Capacity6800 kgs
Pull-up speed-slow feed1.22 meter/min
Pull-up speed-rapid feed12.26 meter/min
Pull-down speed-slow feed0-1.88 meter/min
Pull-down speed-rapid feed0- 16.90 meter/min
TractorType4x4 tractor
Drill PipeDrill pipe length3 meter
Drill pipe diameter76/89 mm
Thread2 3/8 REG API
Mud pump(Optional)Flow capacity250/450 liter/min
Max. working pressure20/40 bar
Hydraulic SystemHydraulic tank capacity140 liter
Stabilizing Jack1 front jacks and 2 rear jacks.
Stroke350 mm
Air SystemLubricator of venturi-type for down-the-hole drills.
Max. pressure25 bar
Oil tank capacity4 liter
DimensionsOverall length3480 mm
Overall width1450 mm
Overall height2250 mm

>> Shipping

TD300 Tractor Boring Machine for Drilling Water Well

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