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Hold Diameter: 121mm

Drilling Depth:1000,700,500,300m

Drilling Method: Wireline Diamond Core Drilling

>> Application

JCD1000-The core drill rig of full hydraulic and rotator adopted the technology of wire-line coring has been the dominant type rig for solid mineral deposits prospecting in developed counties in the world. It is also the developing direction of drilling technique and drilling equipment in China.



>> Characteristics

This type of drill rig could substitute imported products. It could be applied to exploration and prospecting of geology, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, natural gas, groundwater and other industries.

The drill rig is equipped with a series motor driving pump. The feeding and lifting of rotator are driven in the structure of cylinder directly pushing, with a 3.5m(11.5 feet) stroke. The rotation of spindle is driven by a single engine. It has four mechanical shifts of range of speeds, and the speed could be adjusted hydraulicly with stepless change.

The rig is simple in structure. It is light and easy for transference; the mast has the functions of sliding and touching ground; the spindle lifted and lowered with hydraulic cylinder; it could be folded for transport and relocation. The spindle hole is in large diameter.

>> Specification

Diesel Engine   Model  Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180 (turbocharged and charge water cooled)  
 Displacement   5.9L (1.56 US Gallons)  
 Power   132Kw (180HP)  
 Rated RPM(Factory setting)   2200rpm  
 Drilling Capacity   BQ   1000m(3280feet)  
 NQ   700m(2296 feet)  
 HQ   500m(1640 feet)  
 PQ   300m(984 feet)  
 Drill Head   Rotation Motor   Hydraulic Motor-variable Maker: SAUER-DANFOSS  
 RPM   Four Shifts/ Stepless Change 0-1100 RPM  
 Ratios   1st 2nd 3rd 4th   14.422:1 8.171:1 4.519:1 2.652:1  
 Head Opener   Pivoting style, Manual actuated  
 Hydraulic Chuck(PQ)   Hydraulically opened, Disc Spring Clamping, Normally C Closed Type Axial Holding Capacity of 222 400 N  
 Max. Torque   3700 N·m(2727 lbf·ft)  
 Hold Diameter   121 mm(4.76 inch)  
 Max. Lifting capacity of Spindle   150 kN(33720 lbf)  
 Max. Feeding Power   60 kN(13480 lbf)  
 Primary Pump   Hydraulic pump Axial Piston variable displacement Triplex pump for driving of rotator, winch mud pump & leveling jacks. With load sensing system.   Maker: DANFOSS 1st Pump:148LPM at 31.5MPa 2nd Pump:120LPM at 28MPa 3rd Pump: 50 LPM at 16MPa  
 Hydraulic Tank   Capacity   310 L (82 US Gallons)  
 Capacity of Main Hoist   Hoisting force (single wire)   57kN(12814 lbf) (bare drum)  
 Hoisting Speed (single wire)   38-70m/min(bare drum)  
 Steel Wire Diameter   18 mm(0.71 inch)  
 Steel Wire Length   50 m(164 feet)  
 Capacity of Wireline Hoist   Hoisting Force (single wire)   1200 Kg(2646 lb) (bare drum)  
 Hoisting Speed (single wire)   60-90m/min (bare drum)  
 Steel Wire Diameter   5.3 mm(0.2 inch)  
 Steel Wire Length   1000 m(3280 feet)  
 Mast   Mast Height   9.6 m(31.49 feet)  
 Mast Adjusting Angle   0°—90°  
 Drilling Angle  
 45º   off horizontal to 90ºvertical down  
 Feed Pull  
 15000kg(33075 lb)  
 Feed Thrust  
 6000kg(13230 lb)  
 Rod Pull  
 3m or 6m(9.84feet or 19.68feet)  
 Feeding Stroke  
 3500 mm(137.80 inch)  
 Slippage Stroke  
 600 mm(23.62 inch)  
 Mud Pump   Type   Reciprocating pump Triplex Plunger  
 Model   BW160/10  
 Stroke   70mm(2.76 inch)  
 Discharge pressure   2.5, 4.0, 6.5, 10.0 Mpa (363, 580, 943, 1450 psi)  
 Foot Clamp   Clamping Scope   55.5-110 mm(2.19-4.33 inch) through hole Ф154mm(6.06 inch)  
 Others   Weight (platform type)   9300 Kg(20506 lb)  
 Dimensions (L×W×H)   5100×2200×2650mm (200×86.6×104.3 inch)  
 Transport Way   Crawler  

>> Shipping

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