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JXY200T Three Wheel Vehicle Mounted Hydraulic Spindle Core Drilling Machine

Product Name: JXY200T

Type: Truck Mounted

Max.Drilling Depth: 200m

Drilling Method: Mud Drilling




JXY200T Muntipurpose Three Wheel Vehicle Mounted Hydraulic Spindle Core Bore Drilling Machine is designed for Geological survey and prospecting, exploration roads and high-rise building foundation, as well as a variety of concrete structure inspection holes, rivers and dams, embankment grouting hole drilling and grouting direct civilian wells and geothermal central air conditioning.        

JXY200T is a multi-function hydraulic vehicle mounted rotary spindle drilling rig

It adopts three-wheel chassis 7YP-1475D1, the drive systems, hoist and mud pump are mounted on this chassis, reasonably compacted layout, easy to operate

It configures BW-160 mud pump, high pressure, big flow, which can ensure drilling depth and diameter

The rig has shifting device,  it can move on the vehicle, convenient to operate while drilling

The hydraulic folding mast is safe and convenient to operate.

The machine is compact in structure and convenient to carry. The whole machine adopts full hydraulic drive and has low failure rate. When the tower is grounded during construction, the bearing capacity is greater and the stability is higher.


Drilling depth30-200m
Drilling diameter300-75mm
Max.Hole Diameter500mm
Drilling Angel90-75°
Mast height7000mm
Mast effective height6500mm
Kelly/active pipe59*53mm
StructureBall bearing
Spindle rotating speed64/128/287/557r/min
Spindle stroke450mm
Spline Max.Torque2400N.m
Max.Hoisting Capacity1800kgf
Tight rope cubic caliber26mm
hoisting speed17,35,75,151r/s
Wireline diameter12.5mm
Main hoisting line capacity35m
Power Unit
ModelZS1115 diesel engine
Rated power14.7kw/2200rpm
Mud pump
Rated flow160L/min
Rated pressure1.3Mpa
Driving power5.15kw
main machine weight190kg
Drill Pipe
Drill pipe length4.2m
Drill pipe diameter42/50/60mm
Drive modeRear-wheel drive
Power ModelZS1115E2
emission standardGB18322-2002,GB19756-2005(Ⅱ)
Rated power16.2kw
Rotating speed2200rpm
Stabilizing Jack
2 front jacks and 2 rear jacks.
Stroke350 mm
Overall length4300 mm
Overall width1600 mm
Overall height2800 mm

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