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JCT45-2 Underground DTH Drilling Rig

Drill Steel Length:3700 4305mm

Hole Depth:3365 3975mm

Type:DTH Drilling,Hydraulic,Engine driven,Crawler

>> Introduction

 JCT45/2 hydraulic tunneling drilling rigis suitably qualified for the drilling of tunnekwhose section falls in the range of 45square meters,capable of drilling the blasthole and rock bolting in a vertical, inclinedand horizontal way.



The drilling rig is fitted with the flexible boom in two symmetric rectangular coordinates,without any operation blindspot360" rotation and self-leveling beam make drill positioning easy; it can also be used for the drilling of lateral cross-cut and rock bolting.


>> The drilling rig provides a good view for the operator: balanced layout and the articulated chassis of four-wheel drive ensure the fast and safe driving in the narrow tunnel

>> The stepped piston is used for the high -frequency impacting rock drill and this can improve the transmission efficiency of impact wave and drilling speed and reduce consumption of drilling tools and make it in good condition;

>> Considerable space and automatic functions enable the driver to concentrate on drilling in a safe, fast and accurate manner All the relevant parts are kept in good protection, meanwhile maintenance easily.


>>18U hydraulic drifter>>Water system
Shank adapterTR38water booster pumpCDL8-16
Height over drill centre89mmWater booster pump max capacity100 L/min
lmpact power18kWMin water inlet pressure2 Bar
lmpact rate57Hz>>Engine
Hydraulic pressure220barCummins diesel enginc
Rotation systemSeparate rotationPower rating at 2 300 rpm71 kw
Rotation speed145rpmTorque at 1 500 rpm340 Nm
Rotation torque, max1050Nm>>Carrier
Lub. air consump. at 3bar5 I/sArticulated stecring± 35 degrces stecring angle
Water consumption25 L/minFixed seat for tramming
Weight185kgFour-wheel drive
>>T Series FeedsHydrostatic power steering system

JCAJCBFront axleYunyu
Total length5350 mm5915 mmRcar axleYunyu, +8 degrees oscillation
Drill steel length3700 mm4305 mm>>Electrical system
Hole depth3365 mm3975 mmTotal installed power125 kW
Weight, incl. drill , kg595 kg620 kgMain motors2 x 55 kW
Feed force15 kN15.0 kNVoltage380v (customized)
>>Telescopic BoomFreguency50Hz
Feed cxtension1250mm>>Dimensions and Weight
Boom extension1250mmWidth2100mm
Parallel holdingcompleteHeight with cabin3073mm
Feed roll-over360 degreesHeight roof up/down3073/2473mm
Max. lifting angle+53 degrees/-30 degreesLength with HTB feeds12617mm
Max. swinging angle±35 degreesGround clearance275mm
Weight, boom only1850kgTotal19000kg
>>Air system

Compressor capacity, max at 7 bar 1.2 m/min Air pressure gauge


JCT45-2 Underground DTH Drilling Rig

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