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UMD150 Underground DTH Drilling Rig

Drilling DiameterΦ80~φ254 mm

Drilling depth: 0-60m

Type:DTH Drilling,Hydraulic,Engine driven,Crawler

>> Introduction

UMD150 High air pressure ring DTH drilling rig is suitable for ring hole drilling in underground mining. It is a special drilling rig for high sublevel mining production.



The height of sublevel is improved by times and mining preparation works are significantly reduced. It also could be used for raise driving and incline shaft construction with higher efficiency and lower cost. 150 series drilling rig adopts DTH drilling method, four wheel separate driving, hydraulic remote control or wireless operation and features of small overall size, high efficiency, flexible adaptive capacity and easy operation and maintenance


>> Hydraulic components are of good performance, reliability and utility.

>> Hydraulic system is energy-saving, high efficient, and reliable.

>>Have water and air system. Dedust by flushing.

>>Module structure makes drilling rig disassembled and reassembled easily.

>>Drill 360° ring hole.

>>Drilling rig could be adjusted to be controlled by remote panel.

>>The elastic joint between rotating motor and hammer, could effectively reduce impacting vibration, and extend using lift of rotating head.

>>Feeding plate adapts roller structure, which are easy to replace and of high durability.

>>Feed rotating, lifting, compensation, supporting, rod clamping and discharging are powered by hydraulic.

>>Long distance moving could be pulled.

>>Electric system are protected by phase sequence, over loading, single phase, electric leakage and etc. protection.


General specificationOverall size (L*W*H)mm3900x1840x2690
Total powerkw24
Electric motor powerkw22
Stope heightm3.4-5.6
Drilling Hole SizeHole diametermmΦ80~φ254
Hole depthm0-60
Working air pressureMpa0.8-2.1
RotationRotating speedrpm43
Rotating torqueN.m4800
Feed SystemDrill pipe lengthmm 1500
Feeding/lifting forceKN 40
Feeding method
Hydraulic cylinder
Slow feeding speedm/min0-4.5
Fast feeding speedm/min11.2
Average drilling speedm/min0.2-0.5
Vertical feeder pitching angle
Forward 5°, backward 90°
ChassisTramming speedKm/h0-2
Fuel tank volumeL150
Ground clearancemm230


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