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XY-42A Core Drilling Machine for Geological Exploration

Rod size: 42-89 mm

Drilling Depth: 1200 to 430 m    

Drilling Method: Spindle core drilling rig

>> Application

The XY-42A spindle type core drilling rig can be applied to coring drilling by using tungsten-carbide-tipped bit and diamond bit. It is also called surface core drill rig in general place. It can be also used to engineering geological exploration, hydro-geological, water well drilling and big foundation hole as well as basic piling hole.



>> Characteristics

>> The XY-42A core drilling rig has 8, reasonable speed levels. Its maximum torque is 3.5 Kn·m at the low rotary speed.

>> With spindle's through-hole diameter as 92 mm and the hydraulic feed length of double oil cylinders as 600 mm, surface core drill rig is suitable for various drilling technologies with high drilling efficiency 

>> In cases of trouble, its two reverse speeds can do great favor. 

>> By using a duplicate gear pump, it enjoys reasonable power and lower oil temperature.

>>The double action hydraulic chuck ensures the powerful clamp force 

>> Due to the advantages of compact structure and reasonable layout, surface core drill rig XY-42A's maintenance and repair is convenient. 

>> The core drilling rig can move smoothly. This, along with its low gravity center, makes sure its steadiness even while drilling at high speed. 

>> Fitted with measuring scale for your good knowledge of the drilling condition at the bottom of the hole; every handle can be operated nimbly and reliability.

>> Specification

Drill rod typeDrill rod sizeDrilling depth
The rod made in ChinaInside upset drill rod42 mm (1.65 inch)1100 m (3608 feet)
50 mm (1.97 inch)820 m (2690 feet)
60 mm (2.36 inch)610 m (2001 feet)
Wire-line drill rod53 mm (2.09 inch)950 m (3116 feet)
71 mm (2.80 inch)700 m (2296 feet)
89 mm (3.50 inch)550 m (1804 feet)
DCDMA rodInside upset drill rodAW1100 m (3608 feet)
BW820 m (2690 feet)
NW650 m (2132 feet)
HW430 m (1410 feet)
Wire-line drill rodAQ1200 m (3936 feet)
BQ950 m (3116 feet)
NQ730 m (2394 feet)
HQ500 m (1640 feet)

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