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XY-5A Spindle Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Hold Diameter: 43-89 mm

Drilling Depth: 1800 to 900 m    

Drilling Method: Spindle core drilling rig

>> Application

HXY-5A spindle type core drilling rig usually takes diamond bit or hard tungsten-carbide tipped bit. It is widely applied in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological and engineering drilling. It is mainly suitable for exploration of metal or non-metal solid mineral ore bed. It can also be used in the exploration of superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas, mines' ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling as well as large-diameter foundation piling.



>> Characteristics

XY-5A spindle-type core drilling rig incorporates the advantages and characteristics of various core drilling rigs home and abroad. It is a kind of hydraulic-driven, spindle, diamond-bit, and small-diameter core drill rig with fairly powerful drilling force.
The HXY-5A core drilling rig is compact in structure, reasonable in layout, moderate in light. It is easy to assemble. It has a broad range of rotary speed. Equipped with water brake, the drilling rig enjoys high hoisting force. As a result, it is convenient in low-position lift.

>> Specification

Sorts of Drill RodDrill Rod Spec.Drilling Depth
Home madePlaner in and outΦ43×6mm(Φ1.69×0.24 inch)1,800 m (5904 feet)
Φ54×6mm (Φ2.13×0.24 inch)1,300 m (4264 feet)
Φ67×6mm (Φ2.64×0.24 inch)1,100 m (3608 feet)
Thickened innerΦ50×5.5mm (Φ1.97×0.22 inch)1,500 m (4920 feet)
Drill RodΦ60×6 mm (Φ2.36×0.24 inch)1,200 m (3936 feet)
Extracting core with wire lineΦ55.5×4.75 mm (Φ2.19×0.19 inch)1,600 m (5248 feet)
Φ71×5 mm (Φ2.80×0.20 inch)1,300 m (4264 feet)
Φ89×5 mm (Φ3.50×0.20 inch)1,000 m (3280 feet)
DCDMA (Diamond Core Drill 
Manufacturer Association) made Drill Rod
Thickened innerBW1,500 m (4920 feet)
NW1,200 m (3936 feet)
HW900 m (2952 feet)
Extracting core with wire lineBQ1,800 m (5904 feet)
NQ1,300 m (4264 feet)
HQ1,000 m (3280 feet)

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