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Borehole Hydraulic Crawler Mounted Water Well Drill Rig

Model: CWD260

Chassis: Rubber Track, Steel Track

Max. Drilling Depth: 260m

Drilling Method: Air Drilling & Mud Drilling

>> Application

CWD260 Multi-Functional Track Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig is an efficient,multi-function full hydraulic water well drilling rig.It is high efficiency because of having a larger torque of the turntable and is mainly used for water well in industry and agriculture, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, geothermic well and other foundation working, it is popular at home and abroad.



CWD260 crawler mounted drilling rig can drilling in all kinds formations by mud drilling in soft formation and air DTH hammer in rock drilling,DTH Hammer is applied in rock drilling, slag is discharged by air pressure and the offstage efficiency is ten times than traditional rotary drilling.

CWD260 deep water well drilling rigs, in cutting drilling or rotary drilling can be operated in unconsolidated layer, and the slag can be discharged under by mud, the impact drilling operation can also be adopted and slag can be discharged by pressure air, the hydraulic water well drilling rig suitable for drilling complicated geological conditions.

>> Characteristics

>> The drilling rig can use air DTH Hammer drilling and mud drilling.

>> Centralized control console is suitable for each manipulation and control. Rapid pulling and lifting reduce the auxiliary time and enhance the work efficiency.

>> The main drive system, the transfer case, gearbox, double-winch unit, mud pump, turntable,drilling tower, feed system are set up on the chassis.

>> It's a hydraulicrotary drilling rig with directional circulation. It can equipped with BW450 mud pump which adopts the slurry as the washing fluid and can drill on clay, sand and rock if it is equipped with suitable drilling bit. 

>> The power of drilling rig comes from a diesel engine, 77kw YUCHAI engine drives the large displacement high pressure plunger pump and it is characterized by powerful dynamic and stable performance.

>> The rotary head,have two gear,rotation speed is 0-115rpm and the rotary torque is 4500-6500Nm. 

>>  It can set up a generator which is convenient to welding or illuminate for work at night.

>> Main winch are available on the rig so it is high efficiency when the rig drill on mud rock and on the weathering formation.

>> The main drive of rig is hydraulic and the four landing legs and drilling tower are hydraulic controlled. Transfer case and mud pump clutch system are also hydraulic operated. 

>> The Hydraulic auxiliary functions are easy and efficient for guide extension, boom swing, boom lift, guide dumping.

>> Specification

GeneralGeology drilled
All Kind
Drilling Type
Drill system and operation
Hole DiametermmΦ90—Φ350
Hole Depthm260
RotationRotation TorqueNm5000-6500
Rotation Speedrpm45-115
Feeding SystemDrill pipe diametermm76/89/102
Drill pipe lengthmm3000
Max. Feed SpeedM/min80
Max. Lifting SpeedM/min40
Feed Strokemm3600
WinchMax. Pull back CapacityT14
Lifting force of WinchT1.2
EngineDiesel Engine type
4Cylinder,water cooling
Diesel Engine Brand
Rated Horse powerKw73
Compressor required(Optional)Pressure RequiredMpa1.5-2.5
Air consumptionm³/min15-30
Mud Pump(Optional/Separate)Model
Discharge pressure (Mpa)Mpa2
DimensionNet WeightKgs5400
Transportation dimensionmm4100*1650*2220
Work Dimensionmm3260*2380*6190
Ground Clearancemm300

>> Shipping

Borehole Hydraulic Crawler Mounted Water Well Drill Rig

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