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JCD400 Diamond core drilling mining rig for ore sample Full Hydraulic Portable Drilling Rig

Drilling Depth: 400 300 100 m

Diameter:14 mm

Drilling Method: Wireline Diamond Core Drilling

>> Application

JCD400 Full Hydraulic Portable Drilling Rig is a kind of light rig designed for geological exploration in remote areas difficult to enter. It is mainly suitable for diamond drilling with the wireline coring technique.



The rig consists of diesel power unit, hydraulic system, control panel, mast, main winch, wireline winch, drill head, feed system, footclamp, etc. The rig is completely hydraulic driven for all its surface coring function. Fission style design makes the rig in good assemblability and disassemblability, facilitating transportation to most inaccessible areas. Robust structure plus exact control system ensures high penetration rate and outstanding reliability.

>> Characteristics

>> Full Hydraulic and Drill Head model. The drill head rotation is realized with four hydraulic pumps driven by two diesel engines; this also makes the feeding hydraulic cylinder system realize its full stroke feeding in both higher and lower speed.

With Good dismantlability. The rig is adopted split type in design, including power unit, hydraulic oil tank, manipulation platform and operation mechanism, i.e. the drilling section. So they are in light weight and can be carried by man power or animal power. The rig cIteman be applied and performed in narrow space for drilling of hole at 45°-90° with stronger adaptability.

>> Strong techniques adaptability. Besides diamond drilling with wire line coring technique, it is in strong techniques adaptability. It is applicable for the drilling and feeding requirement of any other stratum.

>> Specification

Diesel EngineModelCummins 4BTA3.9-C100
Power74Kw (99HP)
Rated RPM(Factory setting)2200rpm
Drilling CapacityBQ400m
Drill HeadRPM100~160rpm; 230~310rpm
Max. Torque2200Nm
Max. Lifting capacity of Spindle58 kN
Max. Thrust Force40 kN
Primary PumpHydraulic pump1st Pump:156LPM at 22MPa
2nd Pump:40LPM at 20MPa
3rd Pump: 13 LPM at 20MPa
Capacity of Main HoistHoisting force (single wire)55kN
Hoisting Speed (single wire)0.45m/s
Steel Wire Diameter14 mm
Capacity of Wireline HoistHoisting Force (single wire)1200kN
Hoisting Speed (single wire)2.45m/s
Steel Wire Length350m
MastMast Sliding Distance800mm
Mast Adjusting Angle0°—90°
Drilling Angle45º off horizontal to 90ºvertical down
Drill rod Length3000mm
Mud PumpTypeReciprocating pump Triplex Plunger
OthersWeight (platform type)5500 Kg
Dimensions (L×W×H)5600×2200×2400mm
Transport WayCrawler

>> Shipping

JCD400 Diamond core drilling mining rig for ore sample Full Hydraulic Portable Drilling Rig

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