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JCD600 Full Hydraulic Crawler Mounted Diamond Borehole Core Mining Drilling Rig Machine

Drilling Diameter: 60.1/75.7/95.5 mm

Drilling Depth:600 400 260 m

Drilling Method: Wireline Diamond Core Drilling

>> Application

JCD600 core drilling rig is a kind of lightweight fully hydraulic core drilling machine for geological exploration, and it is portable. It is mainly used in complex terrains and inaccessible areas, and it is especially appropriate for diamond wireline core drilling technology.

Its main components include diesel power drill, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, wireline winch, power head, feeding system, feed system, and gripper (holder) for well mouth.



This type of drill rig could substitute imported products. It could be applied to exploration and prospecting of geology, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, natural gas, groundwater and other industries.

The drill rig is equipped with a series motor driving pump. The feeding and lifting of rotator are driven in the structure of cylinder directly pushing, with a 3.5m(11.5 feet) stroke. A single engine drives the rotation of spindle. It has four mechanical shifts of range of speeds, and the speed could be adjusted hydraulicly with stepless change.

The rig is simple in structure. It is light and easy for transference; the mast has the functions of sliding and touching ground; the spindle lifted and lowered with hydraulic cylinder; it could be folded for transport and relocation. The spindle hole is in large diameter.

>> Characteristics

>> Hydraulic drive mode is used for this core drilling rig. Its power head is fully hydraulic. It is driven by 5 diesel engines. 4 hydraulic oil pump and 1 double gear pump are also equipped

>> Strong disintegration capacity is available. Split type design has been utilized for its power station, hydraulic oil tank, operating platform and drilling mechanism. So it can be freely adjusted. It can work in rather narrow space, as well as 45°-90° drilling angles.

>> High adaptability can always be found in this kind of core drilling rig, because it is suitable for drilling various strata. 

>> Specification

GeneralDrilling Depthm600/400/260
Drill Pipe Lengthmm1500
Feed Srokemm1800
Pull up forceKn130
Working Sizemm3200*850*3500
Module quantity
Total WeightKgs1800
Drill pipe
Core Diametermm42.1/56.1/71.3
Drilling Diametermm60.1/75.7/95.5
Power UnitEngine model
Hanqing V2
Rope WinchRope Diamm6
Rope lengthm600
Lifting ForceKn50
Mud PumpFlow RateL/Min120-150
Driven Type
Control unitWeightkgs150
Hydraulic Clip Scope
Clamp forceKn90

>> Shipping

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