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In What Fields Can Air Compressors Be Used?

Sep. 09, 22

An air compressor is a device used to compress gas. Air compressors are similar in construction to water pumps. Most air compressors are reciprocating piston type, rotary vane or rotary screw. What are the applications of air compressors? Follow JCDRILL to find out!


What are the types of air compressors (air compressors)?


1. According to the principle of operation can be divided into three categories: volume type, power type (speed type or turbine type), thermal type compressor.


2. According to the lubrication method can be divided into oil-free air compressor and oil lubrication air compressor.


3. According to the performance, it can be divided into: low noise, variable frequency, explosion-proof compressors, etc.


4. According to the use can be divided into: refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor, refrigeration compressor, oil field compressor, natural gas filling station, rock drill, wind tools, vehicle braking, door and window opening and closing, textile machinery, tire inflation, plastic machinery compressor, mining compressor, marine compressor, medical compressor, sandblasting and painting.


5. According to the type can be divided into: fixed, mobile, closed type.


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The use of air compressor


According to the different types of air compressors, the use is also very wide, in the power industry, chemical fiber industry, pharmaceutical industry and other fields can be used. Here I will briefly explain the specific for you.


1.Power industry.


For example, ash removal system in electric power industry, compressed air system for factory, water treatment system including boiler water treatment system and industrial waste water treatment system.


2.Chemical fiber industry.


Cotton spinning industry mainly uses clean compressed air as a power source; chemical fiber industry with instrumentation gas, suction gun gas, printing and dyeing gas is mainly used for power instrumentation.


3.Pharmaceutical industry.


Non-contact mainly used for power execution and instrumentation use, direct contact due to the need for a large amount of air, and the need for stable air quality, generally using centrifugal type.


Of course, it can also be used in food, mining, textile, transportation and many other industrial fields, so that the air compressor is also called "general machinery".


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