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JCDRILL Crawler-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig: A Technical Overview

May. 10, 24


Crawler water well drilling rig is a professional and technical high-tech drilling machine. It combines the advantages of a variety of the same type of machinery to achieve the work needs of high efficiency, easy decomposition, light weight and easy transfer. With excellent quality, it has gone through several glorious years and used widely.

 JCDRILL Crawler-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig: A Technical Overview

The Crawler-Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig: Application and scope of usage

Crawler water well drilling rig is a kind of drilling rig with oil pressure feed. It is suitable for census exploration, geophysical exploration, road and construction exploration, and water well drilling. Water well drilling rigs are mainly used for the development of groundwater resources, including domestic water, agricultural water and industrial water drilling. At the same time, small water well drilling rigs are also suitable for hydrogeological exploration, construction engineering, bridge foundation drilling, etc.

JCDRILL Crawler-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig: A Technical Overview 

The main features of Crawler-Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

1. Multifunctional, air DTH and mud rotary .Using the principle of air DTH , drilling is fast and efficient. Using mud pump, suitable for soft formation .

2. Equipped with rubber steel wire tracks, it is easy to move and does not hurt the road surface when walking on urban roads.

3. Equipped with hydraulic high outriggers, it is easy to load and unload trucks, saves hoisting costs, and can be used for drilling rig leveling to maintain the stability of the fuselage.

4. Equipped with a high-power diesel engine with strong power to effectively meet the needs of work.

5. Configure the hydraulic landing composite drilling boom to save space and provide a strong lifting force for deep hole operations.

6. The drilling rig is equipped with a hydraulic feed system, a dual hydraulic pressure motor power head, a chain drive and hydraulic cylinder propulsion, with high torque and high drilling efficiency.

7. Equipped with a hydraulic wrench, the drill pipe can be quickly disassembled, saving time and effort.

8. The operation handle is centralized, the layout is reasonable, and it is safe and feasible.       

9. Excellent workmanship, durable, and low maintenance costs in the later stage.

 JCDRILL Crawler-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig: A Technical Overview


Crawler multi-function water well drilling rig is a new type, high-efficiency and multi-function hydraulic drilling rig:

When rock drilling, a DTH hammer is used to operate, and the efficiency of air slag discharge and ruler intake is dozens of times that of traditional rotary drilling.

The loose layer can be used for cutting or cone drilling operations, mud slag discharge, and is suitable for drilling under composite geological conditions.

The smaller fuselage is suitable for construction on a variety of sites. While solving the drinking water problem, it has provided more benefits to the well-drilling service industry.

JCDRILL Crawler-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig: A Technical Overview

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