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Things You Want to Know about Mud Rotary Drilling Method

Dec. 01, 22

Water Well Drilling Machine

Water Well Drilling Machine

There are many different ways to drill a water well. One is what we call the "mud rotary" method. Whether this is your desired and/or best method of drilling is explained more fully in this short summary.


What is mud rotary drilling?

Mud rotary drilling was developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as one of the main methods for drilling water and oil wells in areas containing loose formations. In mud rotary drilling, fluid is pumped into a hollow drill pipe (called a square drill pipe) and extruded from a nozzle in the drill bit.


This fluid then carries drill cuttings or cut material through the hole to the surface, while the mud is reused through a mud containment system or pit. The rock chips will then settle in the pit. From there, the mud will flow out of the pit in another trench. The suction hose then pumps the mud back up the square drill pipe and into the drill bit. After the square rod has been drilled all the way down and disconnected, the drilling process is then restarted using the joint of the 20' or 40' drill pipe.

Rotary Well Drilling Rig

Rotary Well Drilling Rig     


What are the advantages and disadvantages of mud rotary drilling?

Mud rotary drilling offers some substantial benefits. It is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of drilling offered today. Using mud rotary drilling technology, efficiently operating mud rotary drilling rigs can produce hundreds of feet per day. This method is applicable to a wide range of soil conditions. In situations where air rotary is not feasible, mud rotary will get the job done.


As with anything else, there are some drawbacks to using this method of drilling. Mud rotary drilling is slower than some other techniques, such as air rotary drilling. However, the mud rotary is more stable and provides more support for completing well construction. Air rotary drilling lacks the support of a mud column, leading to borehole collapse where loose formations are present. Some good samples may be contaminated if the drilling mud is not properly formulated. Some compounds typically added to drilling fluids may also interfere with sediment samples.


The hydraulic drilling of CSD300 is one type of rotary drilling rig and it is mainly used in fine particles and soft rock strata. The main purpose is hydrogeology exploration and survey the underlying for agricultural irrigation industrial water drilling water well, underground tunnel ventilation, bridges, and another engineering drilling. The water well drilling machine is equipped with a finely adjustable drilling mechanism and a mechanical screw unloading drilling tool.

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CSD300 Rotary Drilling Rig

CSD300 Rotary Drilling Rig

Why choose mud rotary drilling?

This drilling method is the best choice for deep wells or wells that are completed into well-lithified wells. When mud rotary drilling is used, wells are more productive than wells drilled by other methods. Mud rotary drilling also allows larger diameter holes to be tapped faster and easier than other forms of drilling.


It is best suited for areas where air rotary drilling is normally prohibited. These geological types of zones include bedrock, sand and gravel strata, and gravel zones. It is actually the preferred method for drilling in sand and gravel formations.


Before choosing a mud rotary drilling method, you may want to consider the following economic factors.

Cost of bentonite products, water supply, and mud mixing equipment

The necessity and price of drilling geophysical logs

Whether underground mud pits can be dug to contain rock chips

Whether development well water can be discharged to the surface

Disposal of drilling mud and cuttings after completion

The time required to develop the well compared to other drilling methods

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