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What Are the Types of Rock Drills?

Jul. 21, 22

A rock drill is part of a large drilling system that includes a rock drill, drill pipe, feed equipment, rock chip handling equipment, drill bits, supports, and power supply. The most popular types of rock drills are hydraulic and pneumatic, which are briefly described below.

1. Hydraulic rock drills

This rock drill uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to generate drilling force. Its core components are the rotating motor, impact piston, drilling parameter control, and shock absorbing piston. The others are the rotating gear, flushing fluid inlet, and drilling steel adapter. You will find this equipment in drilling, construction, and similar workplaces.

Hydraulic rock drills are one of the most versatile tools in the arsenal of most professionals on the Jobsite. They offer many different advantages that no other drilling rig can provide, which makes them ideal for many tasks on construction, drilling, or other Jobsite. Many of these tasks are relatively simple, but hydraulic rock drills are also capable of performing some of the more specialized tasks that require a drill rig capable of performing many different types of drilling.

Drilling Rig

 Drilling Rig

Many of the benefits that come with using a hydraulic rock drill are best used in spaces that are difficult to drill. Tight drilling spaces are the best place to utilize the power and skill offered by a hydraulic rock drill.

2. Pneumatic rock drills

Pneumatic rock drill technology has a long history, first introduced by NYA Atlas in the 1900s. The machine is powered by compressed air, with the compressor, valve, and drill itself as the most important components. Use this equipment for drilling, setting anchors, scaling, and many other applications.

3. Electric rock drills

This is the main category type of rock drill. Until recently, electric power for drilling was rare due to the challenges associated with the technology, such as expensive maintenance costs. Its advantages over other versions may be appreciated if the focus is on radiation, condensation, or the large amount of damage caused by the required piping and fittings; and installing insulated cables is both simple and inexpensive.

Truck Water Well Drilling Rig

Truck Water Well Drilling Rig     

Getting the best rock drills

In the past, the debate between different types of rock drills has been very clear. Electric drills offered tremendous versatility, pneumatic drills were more powerful, and hydraulics offered an impressive power-to-size ratio. As technology has advanced, each of these drills has been significantly improved.

Today's rock drill environment stretches rig design to its limits, requiring the highest level of technology in areas such as heave compensation and power distribution systems. Combining different drilling technologies to create the perfect drilling equipment.

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