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Proper Maintenance of Drilling Rig Equipment

Oct. 11, 22

As drilling rigs become increasingly complex, keeping all components running smoothly and well-maintained is a challenging task. Above all, drilling rig equipment must face harsh environments, extreme stresses, and vibrations. Here are some simple strategies to help you maintain your critical equipment properly.

Preventive maintenance for your drilling rig

If your goal is to keep your rig up and running, then a sound preventive maintenance program is essential. Preventive maintenance functions to prevent costly downtime through properly scheduled maintenance activities (e.g. regular inspections, lubrication, repairs, parts replacement, etc.). Result-oriented maintenance is not a one-off exercise, as certain tasks need to be performed daily, weekly, and monthly.

Lubrication is an important part of the maintenance program. Rig technicians must grease individual components on a daily basis to remove dirt and ensure cleanliness. An effective lubrication program will not only extend the life of your equipment but will also help your maintenance team to inspect almost every part of the rig. Unwound cables and leaking hydraulic hoses are some of the problems that can be detected during routine inspections. Electrical system maintenance, regular hydraulic oil maintenance, and engine oil changes are also key components of a drilling rig's preventive maintenance program.

 Rock Blasting Drilling Rig

 Rock Blasting Drilling Rig

If you are managing a large fleet, keeping track of all the elements of the maintenance program can be a daunting task. Training of maintenance staff plays a key role in this regard. A team of specialist maintenance technicians and engineers can plan and implement each maintenance process efficiently. When it comes to carrying out a top-down inspection, omitting or skipping anything can have a negative impact. For example, ignoring small chips in the paint can lead to corrosion and decomposition, ultimately leading to catastrophic equipment damage.

The correct lubricant should be used for each application. Using the wrong or contaminated oil will have a devastating effect on your equipment. Preparing a checklist and developing a lubrication procedure will help your maintenance personnel in this process. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to maintenance, which means you need to have a bespoke maintenance and safety plan to meet the unique requirements of your drilling rig.

Rotary Well Drilling Rig

Rotary Well Drilling Rig     

If you are unsure how to develop and implement an effective preventive maintenance strategy, or if you do not have experienced staff to maintain your mechanical and electrical systems, contact an engineering company that offers first-class industrial maintenance services.

Proper drilling rig maintenance is essential. Proper maintenance includes a regular visual inspection of the equipment. However, workers should consider the average working conditions, climate, operating hours, and machine duty cycles during each inspection. Some of these external forces may change the way inspections are carried out and the equipment required to do the job.

Why and how often to check?

Checking equipment regularly can help a company avoid unplanned downtime. Often, problems can be prevented by routine maintenance when a system is unexpectedly shut down. Once a breakdown has occurred, equipment is usually offline for longer and the cost of repairs is higher than if the equipment had been properly maintained.

Drilling Rig

 Drilling Rig

In the long run, maintenance not only saves the business money but also reduces the number of accidents and safety incidents workers face. A well-maintained machine is less likely to suffer a catastrophic failure (which could result in injury to the user) than one that is not subject to regular maintenance checks. 

When used regularly, all drilling equipment should be thoroughly inspected at least once a month. However, it is advisable to carry out a cursory general check every day before starting work to ensure that all pipework and rods are in good working order.

If the rig has been down for a long period of time, i.e. during the winter months, you should check the rig before using it. The project manager should also re-inspect the drilling rig before putting it back into service after repairs to ensure that the repairs are complete and that no new problems have arisen.

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