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JC860 Hydraulic DTH Rock Blasting Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter:90-152mm

Drilling depth:40m

Type:DTH Drilling,Hydraulic,Engine driven,Crawler

>> Introduction

JC860 hydraulic DTH rock blasting drilling rig is a multi-functional drill rig driven by internal combustion engine, the drilling power was provided by hydraulic system except for impacting and the hole cleaning wind. It is convenient and efficient to operate. This drill is the best replacement for traditional pneumatic drills in most operation.



JC860 hydraulic downhole crawler downhole drilling rig is compact in structure, simple in operation, light in total weight.JC860 hydraulic crawler drilling rig is widely used for blast-hole drilling in the mines and quarries. It is also used for anchor in road, railway, power station, civil engineering and building etc.


>> The Rugged track was driven by hydraulic motor with high traveling ability.

>> The feed and rotary head were driven by hydraulic motor, therefore, the air and oil consumption and total drilling cost are lower.
>> The hydraulic feed and rotary head put out the biggest feeding force and largest rotary torque, which makes it more suitable for operation in complex worksites.
>> The compressor equipped for the rig is smaller and cheaper than that one the air rig equipped, along with the best price-performance ratio than air rig.
>> The Hydraulic track oscillation makes it more suitable to drill in any rough terrain.
>> The carriage with rollers provides for minimal wear to the drill guide.
>> The Hydraulic auxiliary functions are easy and efficient for guide extension, boom swing, boom lift, guide tilt and guide dump.
>> The diesel engine and main hydraulic parts adopt imported products or famous domestic brand.
>> The special compensation device makes a full protection of drill rod threads.


General SpecificationRock HardnessF=6-20
Hole Diametermm90-152
Hole Depthm40
Drilling Rod Diametermm60,76,89
Rotary HeadRotation TorqueNm2650
Rotation Speed(Normal and Fast)rpm0-82/0-112
Feeding SystemMax, Feed forceKN25
Max. Lifting forceKN30
Max. Feed SpeedM/min
Max Lifting SpeedM/ming
Boom&MastMax Swing of Boom°45° left / 45°rightup60 down20
Max Dump of Boom°30(L) /91(R) or91(L)/30(R)
Max Swing of Mast°180
Max Dump of Mast°3.2
Feed StrokemYUCHAI
Rated Horse powerkw63
4Cylinder water cooling
Air Compressor demandAir Consumptionm³/Min11.3-21m2/min(1.4-2.4Mpa)
Compressor TypeRotary Screw/Movable
Dust CollectorDry/Wet
General SpecificationMaxTravel Speed(Slow/Fast)Km/h2/3
Net Weightkgs5500


JC860 Rock Drilling Rig

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