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KG430SH Rock Drill Machine for Hard Rock Drilling

The KG430S/KG430SH down the hole drill rig for open use is an improved device in compliance with national regulations on diesel-engine emissions.The drill rig is equipped with the two independent systems,namely diesel engine and motoe,capable of separate operations pressure and climbing capacity.

The expanded pitch and lifting-arm hydraulic cylinder enable it to meet the requirements of limiting position. The double rotation motor increases the rotary torque and revolving speed; and the lifting hydraulic cylinder and chain are expanded to promote the lifting force and reliability. The thickened profile folder is used for the housing, thus improving its level of intensity and rigidity; and the additional ring makes handling and lifting convenient.
The KG430SH down the hole drill rig for open use is equipped with a dust collector,thus making operation more environment-friendly and reliable.



KG430SH drilling rig
Rock rigidityf=6-20
Diameter of holeΦ90-152mm
Depth of economical drilling25m
Rotation speed0-90r/min
Rotation torque4500N·m
Lift power40000N
Feed wayoil cylinder-leaf chain
Feed distance3980mm
Walk speed0-2.5Km/h
Ground clearance515mm
Size of drill machine6000x2250x2700
Sliding carriage pitch angleBlow 135°,up50°, total 185°
Sliding carriage swing angleLeft100°,right45°,total 145°
Sliding carriage suppling length900mm
Drill pipeΦ76x3000mm
Air consumption13-20m³/min
Max height of horizontal hole2900mm
Min height of horizontal hole750mm

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