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CL351 Pneumatic Rock Blasting DTH Drilling Rig

CL351 crawler pneumatic DTH drilling rig powered by air compressor,the rock drilling machine is equipped with a high power pneumatic motor, the heavy-duty hydraulic drill arm and the main parts are all imported from famous international brands, which guarantee the reliable quality of the air track drill, especially realize much less energy consumption of rolling fraction than that of sliding fraction and make the wear of sliding framework be lower,the CL351 wagon drill have been produced more than 20 years.



1Rock HardnessF=6-20
2Hole Diameter90-165mm
3Hole Depth30m
4Air Pressure1.05-2.46Mpa
5Air consumption17-21 m³/min
6Max swing of guideLift50° Right35°
7Max dump of guide180°
8Rotation Speed0-72rpm
9Rotation Power18.34kw
10Rotation Torque2510N.m
11Max horizontaldrilling3.38m
13propulsive force13620N
14pushing power3.36kw
15Outside Dimensions(L×W×H)5900×2210×1470mm
16Driving power8.8×2kw
17Traveling Speed3 km/h
18Feed Stroke3.66m
19Net weight5000kg
20Max swing of boomLift 45° Right45°
21Max dump of boomUp 60° Down19°
22Drill HammerQL40 DHD340 DHD350Q DHD360

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